06 October 2016

Why I Support the "Unlawful Assembly" of Seven MBTA Workers

In these times we are constantly told that cash is dying, that it is a stupid relic of the analog ageWhen Pam Grier paid for a new pantsuit in cash in the 1997 movie Jackie Brown, wasn't that the last gasp of the old order?  Salvation was supposed to come down to us in the form of Bitcoin, at least for a while, before the problems with a currency backed by no government became obvious to everyone.  We've also been promised liberation in the form of RushCards, which periodically have massive glitches, and various other celebrity-endorsed debit cards -- because apparently yoga practitioners are inherently more trustworthy than bank or credit union tellers.

So, really, there should be nothing wrong with giving cash processing tasks to huge multinationals who promise to save their clients money.  Yes, jobs will be lost, and nobody except corporate board members living thousands of miles away and busy advising Donald Trump on debating strategies has any real oversight over what goes on in these workplaces, but CASH IS DUMB so it doesn't matter.  We will inevitably follow Sweden in becoming a cashless society, although God forbid we make high-speed internet access a legal right as they did in Finland , because The Constitution.

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