26 November 2016

A Tough Crowd for the President-Elect in the Theater of Government

"Everything that happens in the world happens at some place." --Jane Jacobs

In this election, Trump did not win any suburban Maryland or Virginia counties, and won 4% of the DC popular vote.

Compare this with 2004, when George W. Bush won Loudoun and Prince William counties (in the northern VA suburbs), and also won 9% of the DC popular vote.

Even in the tumultuous 1968 election, Richard Nixon managed to get 18% of the DC popular vote and won most of its suburban counties.

No amount of care in selecting Cabinet members (and indeed racial diversity in the new Cabinet is already a casualty) is going to ameliorate the kind of hostility that comes from a foreign conqueror occupying the seat of power amidst an urban and suburban population that so decisively rejected him.

Trump may well find it more convenient to "govern" (air quotes very much intended) from Louisville, Kentucky or another centrally located city.  Four percent of the District of Columbia's vote -- less than 13,000 people -- is no basis for a normal, stable regime.  The farcical Trump 'priorities statement' the other day made this all too apparent.

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