06 November 2016

Pro Catulis: Paradise Lost and Regained

[photo:  Mordecai Brown and Cub friend in 1909]

And so the people of the Garden-City sang;
at an age of innocence, they rejoiced in their bearlings,
while their cousins in Britain and Germany
built Dreadnoughts, their fellow men and women
in China died to build their own Republic.
The kind and portly Unitarian man would be Chicago's
highest magistrate, for four years at least.

[variation on the Song of Legolas in Return of the King]
Grey team, grey team, whither are you going?
Aut Epstein aut nihil:  thus my mind is fearing.
Yet perfect love casts out all fear -- O streetlights shining!
O dhaba, O Irish pub, O taqueria bustling!
Long are the waves on the lakeshore falling,
Sweet are the voices of Wrigleyville laughing,
The place that you must fly the W to discover,
In any town on earth:  home of our Cubbies forever!

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