12 November 2016

The Coming Presidency is Already Chronically Wasted

The outgoing President's valiant performance of normalcy notwithstanding, 2017 is going to be a pretty difficult year for American unity, with over two-thirds of Americans apparently disgusted with the Trump campaign.  (Translating that disgust into support for someone else, and not just political apathy, is not easy and too many experts assumed Clinton didn't have to work at it.  She was certainly trying by the end, but this is a tough nut to crack.   As a writer during the flagrantly corrupt Grant Administration put it, "The public ear becomes dull by the constant repetition of accusatory epithets until disgust leads to apathy instead of action.")

The writers behind the American version of House of Cards must be (uncomfortably) reminded of their work:  the show introduced us to a vapid Democratic President from California, unprepared for the job, saddled with a consummate insider VP from a conservative rural state who steps in to do the actual governing.  That the two major parties could both produce such an executive duo is, sadly, not shocking to anyone who looks closely at RNC or DNC sausage-making.  I do hold out hope for the Democratic Party to make better sausages, though, especially with someone like Keith Ellison as head chef.

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