03 December 2016

A terrible lot of bad advice is floating around on the Internets about how to cope with the new regime in Washington.  Some of it, we must regret to say, is coming from foreigners who will never have to drive the privatized toll road from Mar-a-Lago to Indianapolis.  Other people have been more constructive, calling for increased donations to charities -- yet there are many of us who do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on such purposes, and not all charities are created equal (you may wish to think twice about the veterans' charities mentioned in this article*).

It can't be retweeted enough:  Audre Lorde had some good advice.  Take care of yourself, because self-care is an act of political warfare

* Edit:  I am talking about the Wounded Warrior Project, which is a multi-level marketing scheme not unlike Herbalife, and Veterans for a Strong America.

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