27 December 2016

...Now there is the great paradox that these electors want low prices, but reject the dependence on imports from lower-wage economies overseas, or from the employment of new immigrants. It is similar to deploring the disappearance of the corner shop, but steadfastly shopping at the supermarket. The “right”, whether Ukip or even much of the Conservative party, can mouth slogans, but their world is a chimera and their appeal is fraudulent. The past, as this swathe of good, solid citizens remembers it, has gone and cannot return in the same form. What is needed is a commitment to long-term support for different but worthwhile jobs, for domestic policies that provide the basis for rebuilding local communities, and for an emphasis on human values that do not depend on high earning.
It is not easy to combat selfishness – particularly when a few earn shamefully high salaries while average wages decline in real terms – but there is no stability nor worthwhile future if we do not succeed.
Michael Meadowcroft

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