13 January 2017

[on Wikipedia's Main Page today]

The Joy of Fighting Back
Part 4: The Media

Wikipedia is a great treasure, and I would like to apologize to Jimmy Wales and other employees of the Foundation for not giving more than $20 to them to date.  This is a woefully small contribution for how much enlightenment I've gotten from the site.  (My Vice Presidential Library Fund will be dedicated solely to Wikipedia, I promise.)

It turns out I share a few things in common with John Dominis Holt IV -- if I may speak so familiarly of the dead.   We both traveled thousands of miles to go to college.  Our prose styles seem rather similar, and I look forward to reading one of his books one day.  And we probably both have / had Scottish ancestry, if Holt's Royal Navy ancestors are any indication.  (I must here resist the temptation to ramble on about the beauty of Honolulu.)

My point is simply this:  we are the media that matters.  Even if you have no writing talent, you may be able to sing, dance, play competitive sports, or do something else that astounds others and brings God's light to them.  Nobody -- I do mean nobody -- should think that complaining about media bias is a solution to anything.  (Instances of that complaint on this blog do exist, yes, and I ask forgiveness for them.)

This is a very awkward segue, but I'll finish by quoting Madison university student Natalie Cofi, who spoke to Capital Times reporter Kevin Murphy recently and said:

We have a serious binge drinking and drunk-driving problem and could we raise taxes on alcohol as an incentive to decrease the use of alcohol and increase the value and quality of the road system.  There's probably millions of dollars in it for the roads if we increase the tax on it.  Maybe it wouldn't cover all the amount necessary but it could help.

A bold, heretical statement in this state.

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