05 January 2017

I would really like to know what voting method the Democratic Party uses for choosing a party chairperson.   Perhaps the most interesting national political battle of the coming year is the campaign for this office, which is heating up right now preparatory to a late February decision by 447 party members.

I happen to like Rep. Keith Ellison an awful lot and were my last name Kennedy, I would very probably be in Congress right now and get to cast a vote for him.

I also happen to admire the chutzpah of Mayor Pete Buttigieg and the party could do a lot worse than choose him.

Deo volente, this election will produce a 224-member-or-greater majority for one candidate and the party can move on to a posture of dogged, united resistance.  But [sigh] knowing Democrats as I do, the prospect of recriminatory psychodrama consuming everything is very real, and the knives could be flashing everywhere, particularly against Ellison, because after all the young people* stabbed Hillary in the back and choosing a black Muslim guy from Minnesota would be too scary for Barbara Bush.

And then I'd get three emails a day for the next ten years from the Wisconsin Democratic Party asking me to give them $5 or more to improve their outreach to young people and minorities.

But I'm really honestly praying that it doesn't turn out that way.

*Ellison is 53, which is significantly younger than the party's current Congressional Leaders, Pelosi and Schumer.

--edited 1/19/17

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