14 January 2017

The Joy of Fighting Back
Part 5:  The Magnificent Seven

This is better than any Marvel Universe movieSeven Democrats* have announced their intent to boycott the inaugural ceremonies.  They will be pilloried for it, and their morals will be impugned, especially by people who have completely forgotten this thing.

They are a diverse group of two women and five men, representing districts from coast to coast.  One of them has already starred in a graphic novel; another one has written a memoir.

It's an interesting question why no Senators (no, not even Bernie) are yet on the record as joining this boycott.  Still, I think the Founders would understand it completely.  The House of Representatives was designed to mimic the British House of Commons, and the Senate to uphold elite privilege just like the House of Lords.  If our Senators choose to ignore the vicissitudes of popular sentiment, well, that is their prerogative; and if they keep at it, one day they might find themselves sitting in a lavishly upholstered museum chamber like the post-1911 House of Lords.

*So it's actually twelve now, according to Politico.  I am not going to retitle this part "The Twelve Apostles," to avoid committing blasphemy, but I'll express my pride in Earl Blumenauer, who was my Representative for the four years I attended Reed College in Portland.

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