21 January 2017

What the USS Lexington, naval transport ship*, carried on her voyage (July 1846 - January 1847) from New York City to Monterey, California:

sailors ("about fifty" crew and seven naval officers)
hammocks for every sailor
soldiers (113 enlisted men, five officers, and acting assistant surgeon Dr. James L. Ord)
bunks for every soldier
knapsack and "equipments" for the soldiers (swords, guns etc.)
(at start) rations for all for the 60 days between New York and Rio de Janeiro
(at end) "about six months' supply of provisions"; probably this was taken on at Valparaiso, Chile
a sawmill
a grist-mill

*Originally a "sloop-of-war," remodeled into a "store-ship."

---according to W.T. Sherman's Memoirs, Chapter 2.  Image of the USS Constellation from Wikipedia.

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