18 February 2017

A parody of Dante's Purgatorio, Canto 16, v. 46 - 120
(based on the translation of Allen Mandelbaum)

'I was a Democrat and I was called Harry;
I knew the world's ways, and I loved those goods
for which the bows of all men now grow slack...
The laws exist, but who applies them now?
No one--the leader who precedes his bloc
can say the buzzwords but does not have the grit;
and thus the people, who can see their guide
snatch only at that partial loss which is their win,
feed on that and dream no further.
Misrule, you see, has caused the world to be
malevolent; the cause is clearly not
district boundaries -- they do not corrupt...
Within the territory watered by
the Potomac and Delaware, one used to find
valor and courtesy--that is, before
Carter was met by strife; now anyone
ashamed of talking with the righteous or
of meeting them can find consultant jobs there.'

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