03 February 2017

Concerned Americans with disposable income,

The Trump administration's plans for working people are terrifying to many, and rightfully so.  It should be better known, though, that workers in Wisconsin have been targeted for oppression for at least six years prior to last November.  Governor Scott Walker and legislative Republicans aim at nothing less than the end of the welfare state as we know it:  leur app├ętit vient en mangeant, and when the plates are cleared away there will be (I don't think this is exaggeration) a fifteenth-century principality consisting of maybe a hundred baronial plutocrats and hundreds of thousands of slaves with zero legal protections against workplace abuse.  (Not to mention that only the plutocrats will have voting rights.)

I volunteer a few hours a week at the Worker's Rights Center in Madison.  We have a windowless basement office on the South Side of town, from which we educate workers about their rights and help them pursue legal cases against their misbehaving employers.  We currently receive a small amount of money from the US Department of Labor in return for conducting workplace safety trainings, but who knows how long this will last under President Let-my-construction-sites-collapse?  Our outreach is particularly important to Latino workers.  Please consider donating via the website or by calling our office.

¡Basta con la degradacion del trabajo!

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