03 February 2017

An English translation of Benoit Hamon's campaign website main message.   Translations of the three major subheadings will follow soon.

Dear fellow-citizens,

If we blew with the wind of the time, we might believe that the heart of France has stopped. 
 What "works politically" exalts only our instinctive fears, the rejection of others, or the retreat into oneself.   This is not the view I take of France.  In this country I see a robust heart.

The problem with France is not that its heart has stopped, it's that the heart no longer governs.  The heart leading once again:  this is the resolute and optimistic Left alternative that I carry.  Here is the fruit of the collective labor that we have undertaken these last months.  Our common reflection will continue and lead to other proposals.  Don't hesitate to contribute to it yourself.

Beyond the work of our hands, beyond the ballot box exists a realistic future:  a future where work is not a source of suffering but of emancipation, where our model of production takes real account of the ecological emergency, and when democracy can regain the momentum that it has lost.

I propose that, together, we can make the heart of France beat with renewed force.

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