05 February 2017

For the interest of those readers of English who would like to know what Marine Le Pen has to say about the Olympics, which appears to be a key issue in her campaign.  (She has 144 "commitments" in her campaign platform but I don't intend to translate any of them.)

Our elites decidedly don't like France.  Worse, they scorn it.  Every time they can, they capitulate to better abandon a people that they dislike.  And this detestation extends to our language.

The modern Olympic Games were created by a Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin.  French is the official language of the Olympic movement[1].

And yet what did the organizing committee for the Paris 2024 games do?  It chose a slogan in English[2].  Quite obviously, a pretext of efficacy was invoked.  The members of the IOC asked that the application file be written in English.  But the slogan, the motto, is of another nature.  It symbolizes the host country!

I have to say it clearly: our elites, or rather those who still pretend to be such, have abandoned the French language.  They find it tacky.  This choice in favor of English has been approved by all the governing bodies that participate in this so-called organizing committee: the national government, the Ile-de-France region[3], the city of Paris and others still.  Whether they call themselves rightwing or leftwing, they've accepted this surrender without combat.  I'm sorry for this and enraged at the same time.

How, furthermore, can we forget that several days ago, Emmanuel Macron went to Berlin to hold a public meeting… in English?  This refusal to express himself in the language of his country shows what little concern he has for it.  And he pretends, nonetheless, that he wants to preside over its destiny!

And there's more: a recent study indicated that French is the third "most spoken" language in the world, after English and Mandarin[4].  Our national language is one of the strengths of our country:  firstly, because it breaks the monopoly that ultra-liberal globalization attempts to impose (a monopoly not of good old English, but of an impoverished "globish" without relief).  Secondly, because the French-speaking world is a reality, notably in Africa.  It is a magnificent cultural treasure.  Finally, because those who speak our language will always be drawn to our products.

As President of the Republic, I will ensure respect for the Constitution that determines that French is our language.  The Théodule Committees will no longer be able to perform linguistic betrayals, and with public money.  I will be the advocate of French-speakers everywhere in the world.

French people, let us love France, and let's be proud to speak French!
1.  In reality, French and English are the two permanent official languages of the Games.  If the host country of a given year uses a third language this also becomes an official language.
2.  Original:  "Il choisit un slogan en anglais."  Le Pen also uses the straight-out-of-English word "relief" later in this piece, apparently without irony.
3.  The Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris, contained 11.9 million people in 2011 (census data).
4.  This study seems to have completely forgotten about Spanish.

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