01 February 2017

Four days after Mozart's birthday, The Internet Presents...

"What do you want?"   "That you change your way of life!"  "Brava!  Now let me eat.  When you feel like it, eat with me.  Long live women, long live good wine, sustain the glory of humanity..."

[thanks to Gustavo Lanfranchi for the video]

Don Giovanni:  an opera that bears many viewings and listenings.  You can find a good introduction to it from Bonnie Gordon in this very well-timed piece last October.

I really like this Salzburger Festspiele production, although for a overture-to-hell-and-everybody's-happiness viewing* I recommend this Ferrara production from January 1997, featuring the handsome Simon Keenlyside.  (Alas!  Unlike The Magic Flute, I have not yet seen it in person.)

*Many productions, like the Salzburger one but not like the Ferrara one, omit the happy epilogue scene.  This is a huge directorial choice to make.

Fun fact:  the opera premiered in Prague on October 29, 1787, just two days after the first of the Federalist Papers was published in New York. 

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