01 February 2017

If Neal Katyal had been raped by his father or uncle (to name an all-too-common occurrence for American girls and women) and was forced to give birth to the child thus produced, a child very likely to have a severe genetic disorder, perhaps he would not be so glibly telling Senate liberals to trust Judge Gorsuch to stand in the highest court in the nation, with supreme editorial power over the laws of our land regarding abortion, contraception, and other women's health questions.

This kind of attitude, of course, is not limited to an acting solicitor-general from the last administration.  For decades and decades we have been told by wise, urbane, knowing men with Georgetown professorships and summer homes on Cape Cod to stop worrying about the extreme right's sexist agenda.  They don't really mean it, take my word for it; institutional sexism ended in 1961; the persistently stubborn campaign against the Equal Rights Amendment was nothing to write home about; isn't it great that Trump's campaign manager is a woman, etc. etc.

As a man, my blood begins to boil when I read the kind of soothing bullshit Katyal just wrote.

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