25 February 2017

The Democratic Party is like that mainline Protestant church you may know when the longtime pastor, an eloquent, gentle soul who spoke very feelingly about social justice and our better angels, etc. etc. , has retired, and the search committee is not even close to coming up with a likely replacement for him -- whether because literally nobody else on earth is suitable to lead this congregation, or because committee members X, Y, and Z are too busy bickering over their adjoining community garden plots to get anything done in meetings, you don't know -- and, oh, there's a gigantic non-denominational megachurch six blocks away now that's preaching the prosperity gospel seven days a week, two services a day, and deporting their members' gay kids to reparative therapy camps; you can see the lead pastor roll by in his orange Humvee on a regular basis; most of the people under 60 in your congregation have become secular Buddhists or agnostics or orthodox Jews or Pastafarians; yes, you're the oldest religious game in town (a little older than the Catholics, anyway).

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