04 February 2017

Towards an encouraging and humanist Republic

The Republic is a promise.  It's the promise that each person, whatever his or her background, can succeed, find emancipation, and find a place in a free and fraternal society.  Going beyond this, we want our Republic to be built on the values of encouragement and humanism, in order that the dignity of the human being can be at the heart of all our political choices.

An encouraging and humanist Republic is a republic that doesn't tolerate the discrimination that too many of our fellow-citizens experience because of their gender, their skin color, their disability, or their sexual orientation.  Furthermore, this republic views diversity as a treasure.

An encouraging and humanist Republic is a republic that provides maximal opportunities to every citizen starting in early childhood; continuing through the school years, where equal opportunity and social mixing must become a reality; persisting into the citizen's professional life, and beyond.

An encouraging and humanist Republic is also a republic that trusts its youth, that celebrates its engagement in service to society, that provides youth the means to get involved in fashioning tomorrow's world.  It wishes to open horizons to all, particularly cultural horizons.

An encouraging and humanist Republic is, finally, a republic that doesn't resign itself to intermittent and underdeveloped democracy, but puts its trust in the people's joint intelligence -- together, we can make the choices that stake out the future of our country.

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