03 February 2017

Towards social and ecological progress

Our breakneck rush to growth is nonsensical in a world whose natural resources are finite, especially when it happens at the price of our social model.  It threatens the equilibrium of our planet and the health of our fellow-citizens.  That's why we want to start the transition of our development model, making it more temperate, more respectful of humanity and common goods such as air, land, and the oceans.  In a society that invites us to always consume more, we want to promote a culture of use above property, of recycling above waste, of cooperation above private collection; and we aim to found it on the social and collaborative economy.

Because it is too often a synonym for suffering and meaninglessness, we want to remake our relationship to work.  We defend work that is chosen, not done under duress; labor that is shared, whose value goes beyond its contribution to GDP.   This is how we'll respond to the growing rarity of jobs and the statistical revolution.  We're ready to put an end to precarious employment, and to give everyone the possibility of emancipation and free engagement in activities that speak to his or her aspirations.  That's why we will create the Universal Subsistence Income, a social safety net fit for the 21st century.

While restoring common sense to our economy, we will secure an environment that's healthier for ourselves and future generations; we'll stop sacrificing our planet and our sanity for a growth that doesn't come.  We'll begin a real ecological transition and adapt our modes of production and consumption to it.  We'll stop pitting the social question against the ecological question, because we understand that these two emergencies are actually one.

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