14 February 2017

Why I will buy nothing on Friday (at least from non-union vendors)

So there's a general strike / protest / day of service planned for Friday the 17th, it appears.  I could attempt to write a learned discourse (when they heard the learn'd social theorist, they grew unaccountable weary ...) explaining why I want to join it.  Instead, I will cite some people of the internet whom I think understand what we have to do now.

Greg Sanders in Washington DC said recently:
there’s just loving our neighbors including those that don’t look like us, standing up to threats to life and liberty of all that live in our land, holding tight to those we care about, and seeking whatever common ground can be found with those on the other side that does not compromise those principles.
(Sorry, Greg:  I rewrote your sentence because I'm a grammar nazi.  I hope I preserved your meaning accurately.)

Francine Prose in New York said recently:
Recently a reporter asked me if a general strike, which I proposed in these pages several weeks ago, had any possibility of success, given the complexity of our country’s labor history and the fact that such strikes have not been part of our political culture*. I replied that no single event should be seen as a success or failure, but rather as preparation and practice for the next event.

Czeslaw Milosz (he died in 2004; he lived to see the Internet) once said:

The voice of passion is better than the voice of reason. The passionless cannot change history.

*nota bene:  this reporter needs to read some f**king American history before asking such loaded questions.

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