01 March 2017

An Ash Wednesday Praise Song for Ian Grillot (and others)

There weren't a lot of homicides in Olathe,
at least since the days of Bleeding Kansas,
when Righteousness warred with the Slave Power
and John Brown's axe cleaved the skulls
of greed-soaked Missourians in their cabins.
That was all prelude to the transcontinental railroad,
and the Triumph of Technology, circa 1870.
The buffalo disappeared, then the Arapahoes,
and Kansas knew peace.

But our time is another Bleeding Time, because
a greedy time, and the engineers, architects of
the longue durée of peace, are lambs,
and the wolves are neighbors who "seem nice."

Praise him with great praise who,
not content to mind his own generation's business,
wrestles with death when his elders avoid it;
praise them who tend the bodies of the young
and comfort the falling friends,
praise him who reads the tale,
and tweets not, but weeps.


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