24 March 2017

An Ingenious Purple Health Plan for America

All current Americans with MDs will be offered a contract of chattel slavery with the county in which they currently reside.  Non-acceptance of this contract will constitute an act of treason.

Counties unable to pay all the doctors they now own will be eligible for block grants.

To promote choice and competition, Americans who have completed ten hours of Trump University course training on medical choice and competition will be considered as licensed to practice medicine.

To promote long-term sustainability of care, enslaved doctors will be encouraged to have children by means of a vigorous child tax deduction.  Medical education will be the responsibility of a nationwide consortium of Christian universities and yeshivas.  Although care for pregnant women is no longer available under this plan, with a 50% pregnancy survival rate, the Freedom Budget Office estimates that the rate of doctor reproduction will be sufficient to maintain adequate care for the US population. As a standby, foreign doctors will be able to "buy in" to to practice medicine in the US by selling at least two children into slavery to underserved rural counties in selected states.

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