03 March 2017

Apparently, Theresa May spoke to a Tory party conference in Glasgow and announced that she is King Charles I, or something.  (There are probably about six Tories left in Scotland, by the way.)

When the Sovereign British Government has withdrawn from the EU, NATO (after refusing to raise income taxes to satisfy the United States' cost-sharing demands), the International Olympic Committee, and UEFA, and ordered a return to the Old Style Calendar,* and a large swath of the population is dying of scurvy because they can't afford imported citrus fruit anymore, maybe Prince William will step in with unaccustomed royal assertiveness.  Preferably, though, a general strike or some such uprising will turn things around.  Waiting until the next general election in 2020 does not inspire much hope.

*The New Style Calendar, after all, was foisted on an unwilling English people in 1750, robbing them of eleven days of life!!

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