25 March 2017

At the meeting of the 54th Salon of Agriculture, Benoit Hamon responded to questions from the Manifesto of Barcelonne-du-Gers on the worries of young farmers, which were posed to him by the editors of the newspaper Sud Ouest.

How can the farmer make a better living from his/her craft?  What levers are there?

The agricultural crisis that we are living is unprecedented.  Global competition weighs on prices of primary goods, there's a race to the bottom in distribution, and the food processing industry pushes prices down:  so more and more farmers no longer succeed in digging themselves out.

I want to improve the day-to-day situation of farmers; in particular, by assuring them a decent income.  I want to ensure that they can live decently from their production.  A universal income will allow farmers to be protected against climatic and economic rolls of the dice.  To address these hazards, I will also put in place a voluntarist political regime to rebalance power relations between producers and buyers, at the national and European level; this will also protect them from random fluctuations in the prices of products on the market.

I also want farmers to have better access to care, as they suffer much from health problems* linked to the toughness of their work.  I wish to protect them against the job risks of pesticides, and recognize poisoning by phytosanitary agents** as a professional illness.  Equally, I wish to generalize the right to respite, so that workers who have become exhausted or burned-out can be replaced.  Financial concerns should no longer be a barrier to farmers in great difficulty giving themselves rest.

I want to see the progress made in these last few years continued, and better use made of newly created devices.

( More to follow Monday. )

*The French is "affections," which must be an error.  I'm assuming Hamon meant "afflictions."
**I know almost nothing about this issue; there may be much better translations.

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