10 March 2017

Benoit Hamon at Le Havre today

He repeated what François Mitterand once said of centrists: "they're neither on the left, nor on the left."

On the question of European solidarity, he cited Massimo d'Azeglio (after 19th century unification of Italy):  "We have just made Italy, now we must make Italians."

On considering the "fate of the planet" in economic planning, he remarked:  "What will I say to my children, and their children - if they choose to have them - when they are confronted with a world that isn't breathable?"

Shortly after speaking of "Spain, Portugal, Greece," he said:  "A word on the mutualisation of [EU member nation] debts:  German economists proposed the idea at first ...  we need cooperative action, not action emanating from one, two, or three countries ... Germany [is a] great parliamentary republic"

Rather than depending on "Russian gas," France can rely on solar and other forms of renewable energy; my investment plan will further this

I'm not promising a "great evening," but together we can make "little mornings" of change

"y'all decide now the people y'all wanna be*: a people that wants to leave the eurozone, that [resigns itself] to disorder and injustice?"

"Choose the Left; choose Europe; choose social justice!  Long live France and the Republic!"
*My creative translation of a phrase beginning "vous décidez"

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