27 March 2017

I have been awaiting with eagerness the release of "At the Gates," a 4X strategy game from Conifer Games, a spunky startup which seems to have begun in SE Michigan and then moved to a Maryland HQ.

As often happens to spunky startups, though, life throws all kinds of obstacles in the way of making a name in the world.  At last report, the intrepid head designer had his ribs broken.  I am trying very hard not to politicize this unduly, but it occurs to me that in any other developed country this would not necessarily be a financial blow to his company.  (It seems obvious that his COBRA insurance from his previous employer must have expired by now.  Following your dream is greatly valorized in our country, but not, alas, supported by health care law.)

I ask all annoyed and angry fanboys and -girls to think about Jon Shafer's health, and to think about the reasons why a really cool project might get derailed, even permanently, by the sub-standard state of health care in the USA.  As it turns out, someone who was running for President just last year has a plan to improve things.  Maybe you should check it out, and remember to vote for Democrats and/or Berniecrat Independents in upcoming special elections and next year's midterms.

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