24 March 2017

In the House of Representatives today, Rep. Diane Black* was given the honor of speaking first about the AHCA.  She was a nurse in the 1990s; she believes that the ACA is a monstrosity because -- doctors should never ever be allowed to retire (or die, I guess)^; Al Gore once sketched a plan for a single-payer health care system in Tennessee on a bar napkin**; "we were promised" massive reductions in premiums (I believe she said $2500 - God knows where that number came from.)

At least, that is my interpretation of her speech.  Those fluent in Trumpian may have other translations.

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Kentucky) spoke second, quite forcefully.  He is being treated for lymphoma now.

*I believe she is one of only two women left among House Republicans, the other being Virginia Foxx (NC) , whom you could see presiding as chair shortly before the AHCA debate began.  A female House Republican's PR work is never done.
^ Isn't that the only way to guarantee "you will always be able to keep your doctor"?
**Cool story, I must say.  Maybe a movie is forthcoming?

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