10 March 2017

OK, I wasn't actually done with Benoit Hamon.  When reading foreign languages is becoming politically uncool, then I feel all the more piqued to do it.  Here is a selection from the last two paragraphs from Hamon's written statement the morning after Trump was elected (and before Hamon won his party's primary):
In France, it's not too late to avoid the worst.  We have to mobilize ourselves starting now, to bring about in 2017 a triumph of the Left of Freedoms against the Right of Bans, the Left of Equality against untamed free-market ideology ... Time presses and the choice is being made right now.  In May 2017, in the first round of the presidential election, it will already be too late.  Like Bernie Sanders, I want to propose to the French people another path of exit from this system while creating a less unequal, more protecting and more fraternal society.  It's in January, at the primary, where we have to change the course of matters.

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