30 March 2017

Rewriting the day's NPR headlines

The U.S. Is Ramping Up Military Engagement, Which Could Be A Risk For Trump

President Trump seems to have  [has] given the U.S. military a freer hand — but without apparent diplomatic or political strategies to accompany the increased military engagement.

Lonely People Report More Severe Cold Symptoms, Study Finds

The study builds on previous evidence linking loneliness to more serious health problems, but the findings do not link the sheer size of a person's social network to cold symptom severity [make no case whatsoever that Facebook cures loneliness.]

Rural Trump Voters Embrace The Sacrifices That Come With Support [Have Thoughts and Feelings]

KCUR 89.3
President Trump has proposed spending cuts to programs that prop up rural areas that voted for him. While some policy experts bemoan the cuts, there are rural voters [folksy-sounding men] who fully support them  [the idea of making "people bleed a little bit."].

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