08 March 2017

[thank you, Brenda Konkel, for your exhaustive report of last night's meeting!]

In the wee hours of last night, my city's common council (twelve of them anyway) made, in my opinion, a very poor decision.

Alder Zellers was right to ask what happens if this biergarten becomes a disaster.  As I see it, the operators' plan -- if you can call it a plan -- is a standing invitation for roving armed gangs from nearby counties to descend upon the Olbrich neighborhood, grab a 20-ounce beer, intimidate all the soccer-playing children,* cut the rope "barriers" to ribbons, start stabbing each other in the Tiki Bar parking lot (yes, there's already a bar NEXT DOOR), then stop passing vehicles on Atwood Avenue and extort valuables from the drivers at gunpoint.  And the police will be too busy dealing with chronically drunken people on State Street to respond in time.  But, hey, it'll be innovative!

*Only children play soccer:  every Cool Person in Madison knows this, as was evidenced in Brenda's report.  URRGH

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