03 March 2017

While E. Macron sings of content-free progress, "innovation," and his personal coolness, Benoit Hamon is proposing something that many people in the Puget Sound area are already familiar with.

I've been proposing to put in place a system of inter-enterprise currency, as it's known on the model of the Swiss huire [sp?]  It's a non-profit cooperative ... which is to say, 20 percent of Swiss enterprises exchange goods and services through a currency that is an alternative to the Swiss franc ... for example, a builder lacking work in the winter, who doesn't have a reserve fund, will be able to complete projects all the same ... by exchanging inter-enterprise money.  The objective is to maintain employment and to maintain activity in counter-cyclical periods ... [this has] functioned extremely well in Switzerland, ... which has succeeded in maintaining a living economic fabric even in the most difficult periods ...

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