19 March 2017

Yuval Noah Harari is probably a very smart man.  (Full disclosure:  I have read none of his books, nor even heard of him until today.)

Alas, after reading all his responses to these questions, I am left with a barren feeling of emptiness inside.  For one thing, he declined to fully answer the question 'What concerns you most about the world, and what are you doing about your concerns [emphasis added]?'  Is there really nothing that can be done about our concerns?  I want to ask him, "Do you even vote, bro?" 

Veganism and daily meditation (although I think the latter can be beneficial) are no substitute for risky political actions such as speaking out in favor of a measure that's unpopular in your community; blocking traffic at rush hour to protest police brutality; going on strike because you are underpaid and poorly treated at work.  There is plenty of hope to go around for homo sapiens if we are ready to undertake these sorts of actions.  Retreating into books (and I know the temptation well) is not going to save anybody from new elite domination.  You may feel better after embracing a vegan diet, but the vultures and/or worms who feast on your remains aren't going to give you any karma/virtue points because, in your lifetime, some cows were not slaughtered or milked. 

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