01 April 2017

A little more sanitizing of fascism from NPR, French edition

I'm kind of disgusted by this piece from NPR, although I give Eleanor Beardsley credit for seeking out Front National activists.  (Surprise, surprise:  they're all men, and their lives were hopeless until Marine whispered to them, or something.) I'm not going to dispute the polls they cite to show Le Pen's popularity with the youngest voters, but I will say that you can get almost any result you want from polling -- it just depends on the framing of the questions*.  This is really a matter of people (notably single white men) becoming brainwashed by fake leftism.  And I'm happy to say I don't think most French people under 40 are falling for it.  I just want to suggest to NPR executives that maybe it wouldn't kill you to mention that there is a Socialist Party nominee in the race, too.

"She's really not like her father."  Poisson d'avril!

*I remember a lovely pie chart from America: The Book, entitled "Who Owns the Media?"  The only answers were "Gay Jews,"  "Non-gay Jews," and "Non-Jewish Gays."

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