19 April 2017

Georgia 6th District Special Election Thoughts

Jon Ossoff was only slightly exaggerating when he said "this is already a victory for the ages."  Hauling in an apparent 48% of the vote in an 18-way race is no petty achievement.

There were thirteen Republican candidates in the running for this seat, including an Air Force pilot (there's always an intrepid boy Air Force pilot).  Commentators sometimes tell us that the reason Republicans win so often is that they are a highly disciplined strike force of doom, ever-ready to rally around their nominee, whomever it may turn out to be.  I have my own doubts that the party of casual pussy-grabbing and not dining alone with women will pull off a quick regrouping maneuver to save the race for Karen Handel -- particularly since there's an extremely righteous* Christian conservative penis-endowed candidate contesting a Montana special election in 36 days.  (Also:  Bill O'Reilly must be protected from mean women and the PC FAKE media).

Another important takeaway:  vanishingly few Republicans really give a damn who Newt Gingrich and Marco Rubio endorse.
*a synonym for homophobic in Republican circles.

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