04 April 2017

I was just 16 and I saw that there was a big problem in France with massive immigration and also globalization with no economic borders.  And there was insecurity and places in the city where police didn't even want to go. And for me this was a very big problem ... When you are in front of her, you know that she's the boss.  And for us this is very, very important.
Arnaud de Rigné, 21-year-old Marine Le Pen supporter

Belief in reason was common enough among the educated a couple of hundred years back, but it is rare today, because our knowledge has become greater and our problems more complicated.  We can no longer divide mankind into philosophers, priests, and dupes, as Gibbon or Voltaire could.  Even when we style ourselves philosophers, we know that we are sometimes duped, and not always by the priests ... Is not belief in reason based upon a misconception of human nature which we should correct?  Since the war, an increasing number of people have come to feel this, and are taking refuge instead in authority or in intuition.  Authority attracts our dictators and our serfs, because it seems to promise a stable society.  Intuition attracts those who wish to be spiritual without any bother, because it promises a heaven where the intuitions of others can be ignored.

E.M. Forster, "Roger Fry: An Obituary Note," 1934

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