08 April 2017

"Very few traders saw this one coming."

I do dream that one day economists will stop issuing monthly jobs predictions, and instead will get paid to play 7 Wonders or some other enjoyable board game with their friends.  I cannot imagine anybody's net happiness decreasing as a result of this shift (even if gaming is only a minimum-wage job). 

It is quite pathetic to see the anguished contortions of the boys' club that is economics every time job growth turns out to be not nearly as stellar as they imagined it would.  You'd think that some "traders" or whatnot would have figured out that a president nominated by the party that hates government would probably do something or other to cut the government payroll, and that -- oh! -- the federal government employs an awful lot of people.  (And that the retail shopping season finally sputters out in March.)  But I guess that would require folks like Gus, Marcus, and Mark to think about society as it actually exists, which is boring, uncool and probably contributing to the feminization of American men at the hands of Foucauldian terrorists, because everything written on Breitbart is at least half-right. 

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