15 May 2017

The 2000 Census told us that 12.4% of Americans self-identified as being of German descent.

Taking half of this number to represent the males in this group, and then multiplying by 0.95 (a high estimate of the heterosexuals in that all-male group), you get 5.89% of Americans.

So my Very Serious Question today is:  why does it seem like straight German guys are the only journalists good enough for Time magazine?

(The May 22 issue's four features are as follows:  "The Firing Line," by David Von Drehle, "Trump at Night," by Michael Scherer and Zeke J. Miller, "Populism Goes Global," by Ian Bremmer, and "How Dogs Think,"* by Jeffrey Kluger.)

I suspect Erzherzog von Washington David Broder has something to do with this.  He has been dead for six years, though, and "diversity" is supposed to be all the rage in journalism today.  Well.

*Key passage:  "A sense of time as a linear thing -- that the current state is not the only state -- is an abstraction that human babies take a long time to learn, which partly explains tantrums.  A present moment without a cookie means an eternity without cookies."

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