29 May 2017

This painting should be much better known.  Of course, in times like these, the very idea of allegory is trashed constantly.  Thank you, Anthony!

A somewhat fuller translation of Security's banner:

Fearless, every man takes the road freely,
each one planting seeds of work,
While such a city-state
maintains the government, a gift...

[original, probably Sienese as spoken in the 14th century.  The last line is Greek to me.]
Enza paura ognom franco camini
Elavorado semini ciascuno
Mentre che tal comuno
Manterra questa dona signoria
Che'l alevata arei ogni balia 

Fear's banner:

Volere elbenpropio in questa terra
Somesse la giustitia a tyrannia
Unde __ questa via
No passa alcun senza dubbio di morte
Che fuor si robba __ dentro dale porte

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