21 June 2017

An Ossoff Autopsy [edited]

Ossoff was a good candidate, but sometimes seemed reluctant to fight for every vote, preferring to remain in the rarefied realm of "data," which is more or less shorthand nowadays for "don't take strong positions on anything."  I hope he learned something from this loss.

Regarding the great health care debate, which was rather important in this race, we ignore the theological premises behind people's views at our own peril.  When you think health care is a privilege reserved for good white Christian women (yes, men really don't need it, as their dominion over all creation is guaranteed explicitly by God*), no number of phone calls from concerned liberals across the nation is going to change your mind; indeed, white men who tell you that (maybe) every one deserves health care are probably going to look weak.  As before, white Democrats struggle with a morally righteous response to this theology. 

I also think it's getting increasingly clear that Nancy Pelosi should not remain House Minority Leader forever. 

*Field Organizer's Handbook on Christian Dominionism is something I may just self-publish.


As usual, Trevor Noah is lightyears ahead of everyone else in understanding this problem. 

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