05 June 2017

In the post-patriarchal future I look forward to, I think virtually everyone will be happier on a day-to-day basis.  But jobs will be lost, and it isn't just Catholic priests I'm thinking about.  Without silly gender-role bullshit, I really doubt whether Dear Prudence (Mallory Ortberg) will have enough correspondents to justify her excellent Slate advice column. 

All but the last query in her latest batch could hardly be formulated in a society where it was truly OK for boys and girls, gay and straight alike, to pursue happiness in different ways according to their temperaments and inner lights.  (The first questioner tries to swat away this problem by pointing out that he's a man married to a man, and that he isn't making a "sexist calculation."  As if this was ever really a matter of crunching numbers.)  It's pretty f*ing sad, in my view, the kinds of things people will do to each other in the name of some vaguely defined notion of the way things oughta be.  There's tradition, and then there's just plain cruelty gussied up as "traditional values."  And forcing your 5-year-old into the ocean waves because he has a penis (the implication seems clear), I would submit, falls on the latter side.

This is my little Pentecost reflection.  I sure am thankful for Dear Prudence's tongue of fire, deployed unstintingly for those who need liberation.

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