13 June 2017

What will it take, exactly, for male reporters* to admit that American press freedom is not secure now?  Zones of media deference extending two miles around properties owned by Senators?  Anderson Cooper held as a hostage in Mar-a-Lago for two days every time Lester Holt wants to ask the President about perjury?

*The linked article assures us that despite the clear and present Maoism of the Trump White House, "Americans also benefit from a free and raucous press..."  It does always appear to be men (and certainly not all men: those who have been assaulted by Republican candidates may have other ideas) insisting that the mass media is healthy, vigorous and untrammeled as ever, and that yes, we may look an awful lot like stenographers for Big Brother, but really not to worry, we aren't actually ritually castrating ourselves yet, so we are a Free Country.

(I dislike the linked article for the additional reason that, right off the bat, it confuses the koutou , "the ancient Chinese act of kowtowing," with verbal sycophancy.)

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