04 August 2017

Martin Shkreli, despite a valiant defense of his character from august pillars of the investment sector, has been found guilty of three counts of fraud.  (This particular jury was composed of seven women and five men, which seems relevant when one considers Shkreli's chief hobby, harassing women online.)

I am gratified to see that the "don't call me a misogynist liar, I'm just Rain Man" defense didn't work this time.  Invariably deployed to protect straight white men from the consequences of their own actions, this may be Dustin Hoffman's most lasting legacy to Euro-American culture. 
One trial witness last month, Schuyler Marshall, a Dallas-based real estate company chairman who invested in one of Shkreli’s later hedge funds, said that Shkreli reminded him of the film character Rain Man, the autistic savant played by Dustin Hoffman, who has extraordinary mathematical powers but difficulty relating to others.
Under cross-examination, Marshall said that he was not claiming Shkreli was autistic, but that: “The reference here was that this was just an intensely focused, bright guy who knew his stuff.”

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