29 March 2018

 "And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age."  Matthew 28:20 [NRSV]

(in Greek the italicized words are:  εις τεν τελον αιονιου.  Perhaps the one and only New Testament passage I can remember in the original.)

RIP Tripp Zanetis.

26 March 2018

But first, for the record, I have absolutely zero qualms with the sophistication of Antoni's cooking. The whole idea is to give these dudes accessible recipes that they'll actually make. I identify as "Queer, Very" and "Medium Extra" and even I am sometimes undone by a Blue Apron meal. "Everything is already portioned for you; what's wrong with you?" I say to the mirror, channelling Annette Bening in American Beauty ... Y'all need to lay off of Antoni. If it's so easy to make good guacamole why are y'all out here at the Chipotle paying extra for it? Skittle me that, haters.

R. Eric Thomas

14 March 2018

Senate Democrats who think that supporting an awful bill that almost nobody in this country likes, regardless of their ideological tendencies, and thereby getting a "bipartisan accomplishment" as they "[head] into" their "brutal reelection [race]" need to repeat kindergarten, because they clearly haven't learned that internalizing the values of your bully gets you nowhere.

10 March 2018

Praise For Kevin Love's Honesty, in the Miltonic Style

It may not seem quite right to historically minded Readers that a Cleveland Cavalier should be the Subject of a laudatory Piece pattern'd after John Milton; but the Ironies of Poetry are manifold, and considering that Milton wrote not one, but two Poems concerning a humble Coachman named Thomas Hobson[1], the purist kind of Reader will be asked to lay aside his Crown, suspend his Disbelief, and attempt an Appreciation of this Effort.

The Poem

Intense barrage of cameras, flashing teeth,
Ordeal I could but ill foresee or moat,
Hot-cold, the fear infects me by the throat --
O impotence of mind, in body strong!
But what is strength without a double share
Of wisdom...[2]
I have not died.  My heart accepts the rule
Of sovereign self again, my soul aspires
To teach another, then another one;
And not to wait 'til summer to speak out,
But take the thousand missives I provoke,
Wrap me in difference, aye, attention's cloak!
A help for every man's internal bout.

1. Hobson drove the coach between Cambridge and London and died in 1631 at the age of 87 (Samson Agonistes and the Shorter Poems, ed. Isabel Gamble MacCaffrey, Signet Classic).
2. from Samson's opening speech in Samson Agonistes, v. 52-54.

02 March 2018

If I were married to Andrew Sullivan, I'm not sure how I would handle those morning-coffee conversations when, while scooping out kibbles for the beagle and the hound dog, we'd be talking about sexually transmitted diseases (because I think our relationship would be honest and open enough for that), I would observe that bacteria were here before people and dogs, and bacteria don't have sex chromosomes (or indeed any chromosomes), and Andrew would accuse me of trying to destroy the concept of gender and preaching Cultural Marxism.

But I kid, really.  It is a small miracle that Andrew is still alive and trying to improve the world with his writing.  His voice is one of the very few conservative voices I can appreciate hearing from at length.