15 May 2018

Maybe my 30-something bro Josh Hawley is interested in showing up for the Uncorked Festival in Madison this Saturday.  It's the perfect way for a wine-loving, upwardly mobile, bicoastal person to relax on the weekend after issuing snide statements about Claire McCaskill and ritually deflecting media questions about Eric Greitens! It could also be an invaluable chance to ask Madison's mayor about tips on running a campaign based entirely on talking to random old men in bars and pretending to be a rural Midwesterner who loves the turkey hunting and can follow the course of a football game!!

Only a six-hour drive from St. Louis.  Consider it, Hawley!

08 May 2018

"I love dinosaurs too ... but I can think of many other things that would be [nicer] to have than a cyborg dinosaur, such as health care." -- Danielle Tcholakian