27 June 2018

I’m going to do one of those annoying political writer things, but … know who might be the big winner of the night? BERNIE SANDERS. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who just won in an upset, was one of his organizers, and Ben Jealous is up in Maryland after a Sanders endorsement. To be honest, Sanders needed a night like this, given that a lot of his recently endorsed candidates had been falling by the wayside.

[If I quote any more of this liveblog I should start paying some royalties, so I'll stop here, I promise]
I think the high road/Trump tactics division is a false choice, which I realize is a typical irritating response from me. The correct tactic both strategically and in life is to have actual principles that you stand for and to treat opponents respectfully but communicate very clearly and forcefully about those ideas.

25 June 2018

A White Man Worries About "Signals Sent" When People Want to Talk to a White Female State Attorney General at Movie Theaters in Florida

Certainly not as pithy a headline as the actual one, but far more descriptive of the actual content.  The quote from Michael Beschloss, Lord Guardian Keeper of the Presidential Histories, made me throw up in my mouth just a little.  Wow, almost sounds like this country has PROBLEMS of some sort that people with consciences might get mad about.  (He also appears to call Trump "it," though, which made me laugh.)

23 June 2018

A Bit on Why I Support Kathleen Vinehout for Governor

Senator Vinehout has a remarkable, dare I say Lincolnian, biography.  She is certainly not new to the idea of guaranteeing everyone health care, and when she uses the word "sacrifice" I am convinced she means something real by it.  It is not exactly common to see political aspirants talk about their personal dream of running a dairy farm, and the fact that she pursued it after teaching in academia for ten years speaks volumes to me about her core values.  I know many would call this choice crazy -- but in my crazy opinion, life is hardly worth living if it is dependent on a neat linear career trajectory [1].

Kathleen is the only sitting state legislator left in the Democratic field, now that Dana Wachs has dropped out.  Do we think that executive leaders should have a close understanding of the organizations they will be working with, or do we think parachuting them in and hoping they learn quickly is wiser?

I have seen Kathleen speak in person twice.  On both occasions she was forthright while being respectful to her audience.  She does not resort to jargon and insider-ese when she can possibly help it.  If she does not know how to answer a question she will say so, but she is not, as a rule, dismissive of the question.  We may critique her speaking style, vocal timbre, and mannerisms 'til the cows come home -- but I would rather spend those precious hours talking about taxes, budgets, transit infrastructure, and responding to climate change.

1.  Not to mention that straight white men are routinely lauded and gushed about when they do this kind of risky career move (see Entrepreneurship, Cult of), whereas others are told to keep their heads down, drink their kombucha, and maintain due deference at all times.  Screw that.

07 June 2018

THIS is why the American Civil War had to be fought.  Hundreds of soldiers in the Massachusetts 54th Volunteer Infantry died at Fort Wagner, S.C., not because they were cleaning up an unpleasant sectional mess that Andrew Jackson could have prevented (sorry, Donny), or because they had been brainwashed by shrill, polarizing, extremist abolitionist hussies like H.B. Stowe or the Grimke sisters (sorry, Kanye), but because they believed forced labor was immoral, and that their country would be best served by finally purging it of racialized forced labor.

Hopefully judge and jury will see fit to give Mr. Edwards the maximum sentence.