12 January 2019

OK, Oliver Roeder, stop

Cute math puzzles that are invariably too hard for me are one thing, but blaming my ass for the shutdown because a bunch of (invariably male*) game theorists have theories about how politics works?  Hold on.

Yesterday I called the DC Water Board to protest their decision to give the White House free water (forgiving a $5 million unpaid water debt) while the shutdown continues.  My name was recorded.  If you call during business hours I expect you can register your protest as well!

The chairman of this board, an elderly white man, was quoted in the New York Times as saying about this debt, "we can let this one slide."  I guess free-market capitalism really has outlived its usefulness, and certain resources must now be without cost to divinely anointed ones, like the God-Emperor of Dune?

* I can accept that there are female game theorists out there, too, but they never ever seem to make it into these But Game Theory, Bitches articles.  Maybe their notion of "logical ends" to political standoffs is different.

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